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Tree Service in College Station, TX

We are a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial tree service. We specialize in tree trimming and tree removal. Our staff includes professional tree climbers, and ground rope men. What sets our company apart from the competition is the courteous service you receive and how nice we leave your yard afterwards. We specialize in surgical and difficult tree removal. We are happy to provide personal meetings with Mr. Hillis, to look at the trees, and what you would like done. We provide free estimates for your benefit.

We are a professional tree arborist!

We are in business to help you provide a safe and beautiful surrounding. Our services include:

Tree Diagnosis

Mr. Hillis can diagnose and treat your tree's disease and/or insect problem. All diagnosis' have a $25.00 fee, but this fee will be waived if you choose to use the treatment recommended. 

Tree Removal

Removing a decaying, dying, dead, structurally unsound or unsightly tree is our main business. We are experts in tree removal for trees in any condition. We work with precision and safety.Trying to remove a tree yourself can prove to be a bigger and more dangerous task than you expect. The risk of doing it yourself is not worth the reward of saving a few dollars. Our tree removal equipment and experience will protect you and your property from the dangerous tree removal process.

Stump Grinding

After tree cutting, you are left with an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump. With stump grinding, the stump is ground down to the necessary depth for future landscaping needs, leaving your yard safe and beautiful.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Trees may need pruning for health and good structure, as well as for aesthetic reasons and to permit people to walk under them.  Trees in urban landscape settings are often subject to human and natural disturbances above and below ground, and in need of solutions provided by tree arborists. Tree triming or tree pruning methods depend on the species of tree and the purpose of the work, and a thorough knowledge of local species and environments is necessary to determine the best practices.

Trees may also require pruning to keep them away from wires, fences and buildings.  Proper tree pruning can be helpful in many ways, but should always be done with the minimum amount of live tissue removed.  Proper pruning, by cutting through branches at the right location, can do more to limit decay than wound dressing.


If you need to know how much your tree's value is, Mr. Hillis can give you an ISA approved appraisal as to the worth of your trees. Appraisals generally run from $50.00 - $75.00.


We also plant a wide variety of trees. Mr. Hillis can also assess your lawn, and recommended a tree that would do well in your area. All trees come with a one year warranty.


We will deliver the mulch to your house for a minimal delivery charge. The delivery price varies depending on your location. If we are removing a tree on your property and you wish to have the tree mulched for you, we provide that service to you.

Whatever tree services you need, from tree pruning to tree removal, you can count on Professional Tree Service to get the job done. We are College Station's preferred tree arborist, so for all your tree trimming and cutting needs, give us a call.

We are prProud to serve the College Station, TX & Bryan, TX areas

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Tree removal & pruning, Stump grinding, Planting, Disease treatment, Cabling & bracing

Class of '92 Texas A & M University, Andrew D. Hillis, Appraisals - construction injury prevention insured, ISA Certified Arborist, meet all your tree needs, customer satisfaction guaranteed, always recommended

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